2E0RFU Simplex Gateway – Allstar & Echolink Node

The 2E0RFU Simplex Gateway (Allstarlink & Echolink) is now on air in Stockport, accessible via the following methods.

70cms – 430.0250MHz – 94.8Hz CTCSS
Allstarlink – Node 40890
Echolink – 2E0RFU-L

The node is on the air most evening and is usually connected to the UK Allstar Hub which is the UK, most active internet conference with multiple RF and PC based connection from all over the world connected 24Hrs a Day. Home to a bunch of the friendliest people you will meet, pop on and give a call out.

UK Allstar Hub info @ M0HOY site

Coverage is limited due to the antenna and power restrictions in my NOV but it has a fair coverage of Edgeley, Cheadle Heath and Cheadle. Eventually I hope to get the antenna up on the chimney which will improve the coverage.

The node is in two parts, the Allstar Server which is Virtual and runs on a virtual server in a data centre and the RF side which is connected to a Raspberry Pi running THELINKBOX which connects to the virtual server over the internet. The node radio is a Kenwood TK-805 modified to add extra cooling and to allow connection and control to the raspberry pi via USB-Serial and USB-Audio and a homebrewed interface. Version 2 of this is coming soon to clean the audio up.

More info to follow on DTMF commands, however please contact me if you want more info.


Here is the node in situ on the Ikea “rack”