• Copy of the Kent Morse Practice Oscillator

    Posted on April 20, 2013 by in radio

    I am currently in the process of learning Morse Code with the plan to get on air by the end of the year. I fancied a practice oscillator and being the cheap skate I am I was not happy spending upwards of £20 on a glorified buzzer.

    I had spotted a few plans for some 555 based designs but know from my 555 synth experiments that the sound you can generate from them is not especially nice. So after some googling I spotted that Kent Morse Keys do a kit for their practise oscillator, and whilst it is not to unreasonably priced they also provide a circuit diagram. So a quick order from http://www.bitsbox.co.uk/ for about £6 posted I had all the parts except the circuit board that you would get in the kit, I also end up with plenty of spares. Service from Bits Box is very fast, the order was with me next day.

    I had a spare hour this afternoon, so I breadboarded the design up to check all was in order, and here are the results.

    And here is Alfie on the Key

    I will try and get it soldered onto some vero board and in an enclosure this weekend.

    Thanks for reading



    Part 2 now here