• Doctor Who Adventures Magazine – Daleks Miniatures

    Posted on September 3, 2012 by in Everything Else

    After finding the Doctor Who Miniatures Game (DWMG) a few months ago I really wanted to try it out. However with my natural cheapskate outlook I have been looking for some reasonably priced miniatures. There are plenty of options for all of the Doctors and as you only need one of them the couple of £ they are is no issue. Unit troops can be played by my EM4 Troopers for now, not perfect but will work in my whoniverse.

    The big issue is the baddies, they generally need a fairly big force for them to come up against the Doctor so that will start to add up, I could use substitutes but I prefer something real. A few people on the DWMG mailing list had mentioned the battle pack that often come with the DWAM every now and then, I had not managed to find any reviews, so after browsing ebay and not being happy with the prices I was pleased to see that this weeks magazine had a mixed pack on the front including 5 daleks a big enough group for anyone to worry about along with a number of other enemies. This is not that pack I got but the Daleks are the same.

    They look like the cheap toys they are but I am mostly interested in the Daleks so I took the plunge and spent 30 mins tonight trying to get them a little more menacing. After a base coat of pound shop acrylic and a light brushing of Humbrol number 11 this is what I have. I am going to do a little detailing but am pretty pleased and they certainly look much scarier.

    The troopers on the pictures are EM4’s 28mm plastic troopers to give you an idea of scale.

    So for £2.70 I have 5 daleks and possibly a a few other usable figures, not bad.