• Railroad! Volume One:Rodger Dodger (a steampunk western)

    Posted on March 19, 2012 by in books

    This book by Tonia Brown is another free pick up from the Kindle Store, the combination of Steampunk and Railroad in the title was enough to convince me to download it, it is however now £0.77.

    Whilst this is Volume One of three it does stand alone very well and provides enough of an hook for me to want to go back and find out more about the slightly cheesy named Rodger Dodger and his future adventures aboard the Sleipnir. Like many Steampunk novels there is a super natural element, however this does not overpower the story and sits comfortably in the plot. The book is a well written introduction to the character and the world he lives in, providing a good amount of technical info on the inventions without boring the reader.

    All three volumes are now available for £1.99 so if you like the free 1st chapter sample you may be better opting for that over the individual volumes.


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