• Review of The Hunger Games Triology

    Posted on March 19, 2012 by in books

    With the upcoming release of the film version of Susan Collins book I thought I would take the time to read the trilogy before I let Hollywood make my mind up for me.

    I would love to review the first book as a stand alone piece of work, however the author decided to turn the book into a trilogy and that is where it all falls apart in my eyes.

    The setting is sometime in the unspecified future where the world has changed, and Panem is a new country founded where the USA is now, there is a Capital City and 13 districts. In the past the Districts had an uprising and the Capital retaliated by destroying District 13 and starting the Hunger Games as a reminder to the Districts of the power they hold over them.

    The Hunger Games held each year take a Boy and Girl from each district and pit them together in a to the death fight televised for the nation.

    Whilst gruesome the general set up holds a lot of promise and the books start off well, with the first book selling the characters and games to the reader allowing a strong connection to form. Without spoiling the plot, this continues right to the end of the first book and if it ended there I would have wanted more.

    The problem was that Susan Collins gave me more, but what she gave me in my mind was the content of one book spread over two and far to many unexplained questions. Being a review this is not the place to ask those questions as this would spoil the plot of the first.

    I cannot imagine that the second and third books are worthy of a movie but unfortunately the decision will be based on money made rather than the quality of the book. I guess the studios hope this may fill the Harry Potter void, but if they had done a decent job with Philip Pullmans “His Dark Materials” trilogy then that hole would not be there yet.

    So in short read the first book or see the movie and then stop there, life is short.

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