• Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 1 – Sean Platt & David Wright

    Posted on April 1, 2012 by in books

    One of the things that the Kindle has opened me up to is short stories and serialised novels. Like Dickens of old they are back with vengeance.

    Yesterday’s Gone: Episode 1 is the first of 12 episodes that are currently available in this series and is at this time free on the Kindle.

    The story follows a number of people in the immediate aftermath of something that causes 99.9% of the worlds population to disappear, with the characters ranging from a 7 year old boy to a escaped prisoner how they tackle the situation varies greatly. As the pieces start to come together the mysteries increase as to what happened and what the future will hold for the survivors.

    The book is very well written is one of the better written self published books I have read recently and I am currently straight into the second episode.

    So if you like Science Fiction, post apocalyptic or just a nice cliff hanger it is well worth investing the time into this book.


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